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Food on Vis

FOOD and wine are a very, very, very important part of life on Vis - growing it, preparing it, talking about it, serving it, eating it...

We believe this is exactly as it should be, and take the greatest pride in introducing our guests to food with a heart and soul.

We provide breakfasts each morning, and picnic lunches on five 'activity' days, in conjunction with local providers. We also include dinner on the day of your arrival and the night before your departure. On the days when we don't provide for you, you can explore for yourself what's on offer at the local restaurants, bakeries and bars.


While you're with us, you'll probably come across some, if not all, of these traditional dishes...

Wild asparagus - in season in the early spring, it makes for a divine rizot (risotto).

Fish on the grill - the freshest of fresh fish, sardines bought directly from the boat on the harbour, cooked simply on an open grill with plenty of olive oil and salt. 

Peka - stew of fish, meat or octopus, with vegetables, potatoe/rice and wine, cooked under an iron 'bell' on hot ashes for several hours until everything just melts in the mouth. The signature dish of many konobe. 

Pogaca - savoury pastry filled with salted fish and onions, and sometimes tomatoes.

Burek - oily flaky pastry filled with cheese or minced meat, popular breakfast snack.

Blitva i krumpiri - chard and potatoes dressed with lashings of garlic and olive oil.

Articoke na dalmatinski nacin - artichokes stuffed with breadcrumbs, olive oil, garlic and parsley, cooked slowly with peas and broad beans.

Punjenje paprike - pale yellow-green peppers stuffed with a mixture of seasoned breadcrumbs, rice and minced meat, cooked in a tomato sauce, then served with their juices over creamy mashed potatoes.

Soparnik - sold by the slice in the markets of Split, this pizza-type snack is made in wheels of over a metre in diameter cooked directly on hot ashes, and filled with blitva, olive oil and garlic.

And you will find pride, love and history in every delicious mouthful... dobar tek!

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