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WE don't do 'learn-to-paint': we look beyond, to the natural creativity that everyone has inside them but that has perhaps not been a priority since those glorious childhood days of finger painting, plasticine and coloured crayons.

We are a husband-and-wife team of creative types who fell in love with Vis back in 2003, and vowed one day to make it our home. In 2019 we set up VISual Arts to make it happen. Using our educational and professional backgrounds in the arts and publishing, we founded a business that we hope gives our visitors a chance to experience the warmth and vivacity of Vis that we first encountered all those years ago, in a way that gives them a fulfilling experience.

The arts are our passion. We believe that the arts are for everyone, and that everyone can be an artist in their own little way...

Liz is the arty one. She studied fine art and then art history for far longer than anyone should be allowed. At some point well into the second decade she met Steven in Cambridge, UK, and turned to working in arts administration in the University museums, including several exceptionally formative years at Kettle's Yard. She built up an extensive network of arts practitioners in this time. Several years ago she rediscovered she could draw, and hasn't looked back since (and has almost forgiven her parents for not buying her a pony in 1976).

Steven is the bookish one, and the cricket one. After University he began working in academic publishing (when it didn't clash with the cricket), but kept a key sideline in his own literary pursuits: editing a (cricket) magazine and writing a book about the history (and cricket) of Vis. He now plays for the local team, Sir William Hoste Kriket Klub, as well as acting as liaison for Vis cricket to the Croatian Cricket Board. He is generally OK, and only looks dangerous.

Gracie, Morris & Mia: are the furry ones. All were rescued from the street, and repay us their salvation by eating us out of house and home or destroying things: vital team-members, then...

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