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Lots of cool ideas for hot summer days! We have a full programme of activities for residents and visitors of all ages during high season.

Summer Art Club

After the success of last year's Summer Art programme for children, we're doing something similar in 2024! During the months of July and August we will run weekly morning sessions in two groups - Tuesdays for younger children (ages 5-12), and Wednesdays for teenagers and young adults

Tuesdays: each week we will take a different aspect of the world around us, and find lots of different creative things to do on that theme, in the studio and out and about. For example, there will be games, challenges and talking, as well as traditional drawing and painting. We kick off with "Letters and Numbers", then work through different points about the urban and natural environment, finishing on the  theme "Underwater". Lots of fun, ideas, and space for individual creativity for younger children!

PRICE PER PERSON PER SESSION: €25 (or €200 for all nine sessions). Includes all materials, instruction and refreshments

Wednesdays: teens and young adults get a different approach to art and art history, reflecting their interests, skills, and academic ambitions. Each week we take a noted artwork from history as our starting point and learn something of the context in which it was made, before using it as the springboard for our own creative work. Prehistory to modernism in nine easy pieces!

PRICE PER PERSON PER SESSION: €25 (or €200 for all nine sessions). Includes all materials, instruction and refreshments

Summer Workshops

There are always lots of things for visitors and regulars to do with us in the summer months, including:

  • Creative Workshops - very popular half-day sessions each one on a general theme relating to the island. They are great for all levels of experience, skill and interest, so everyone can find something that appeals to them, and no-one feels embarrassed by lack of drawing ability! We kick off on Saturday 15 June on the theme 'The Sea, The Sea', then run a workshop every Saturday morning until 31 August 2024.

       PRICE PER PERSON: €30 (includes all materials, instruction and           refreshments)

  • Sketch Walk - a three-hour session of gentle outdoor activity combined with sketching tutorial (and a bit of history of the island). There are six stops between the start and finish of the walk around St George's Bay, Vis, where participants are given a challenge to draw something relevant to that location in a manner suggested by the guide. 

       PRICE PER PERSON: €30 (includes all materials, instruction and           refreshments. By prior arrangement only. Minimum 2 people. 

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