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Creative play is hugely important for everyone, no matter what age. Exploring, experimenting, making mistakes, and learning: it's where children can develop essential skills to navigate life, and where adults can allow themselves space to just be in the moment. It is at the heart of everything we do, but these events have a particular focus on play for the sake of play!

Creative Play for Toddlers

Every Wednesday afternoon during winter months there's an hour and a half of wonderful chaos! This session for under-5s and their parents takes a broad theme each week (such as 'making prints'), then encourages children and adults to find lots of different and inventive ways to play with ideas. It's a great way for little ones to practise their manual skills, experience textures, and learn the basics of colour and shape. And it's a great chance for parents to get together, drink coffee, make a mess, and not have to worry about the clearing up after!

Runs until 29 May 2024.

PRICE PER CHILD: €10 (includes all materials, ideas, and refreshments. No charge for parents)

Kids' Art Club

Thursday afternoons in winter are for older children, ages 5 to 12. Each week we start by looking at a work of art, and then see how it can inspire us to draw, paint, and make in new and exciting ways. It's a fantastic way to push children's imaginations and to expand their horizons as to what constitutes art, as well as learning practical art skills. And they get the last half-hour to do what they want!

Runs until 30 May 2024

PRICE PER CHILD: €10 (includes all materials, instruction and refreshments)

Pouring Wine
Art & Wine Evenings

The long, warm evenings of May and June are the perfect time to relax with a glass of wine and unleash your creativity. These sessions bring adults together to look at art, be inspired, and most importantly, play! There's some structure and instruction, but the main emphasis is on experimenting with different techniques, materials and styles, getting hands dirty, and rediscovering the joy of loosing yourself in the process of making art.

For ages 18+

PRICE PER PERSON: €20 (includes all materials, instruction and refreshments)

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