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Workshops are two- or three-hour-long sessions where we explore a theme or an idea in many different ways, so the time flies by. There's always a warm-up exercise or game, an informative talk to give art-historical context, sketchbook time, and studio challenges. The emphasis is always on trying out ideas, testing, and exploring creative responses, rather than technical drawing skills, so no-one is ever 'better' at art here. We strive to make the studio a supportive, non-judgmental environment, so there's never pressure to share your work if you don't feel like it, but we love it when you do!

What's the Story?

A MULTI-DISCIPLINARY creative workshop that takes a well-known work of art as its starting point, and runs with it into undiscovered territory! We cover the history of how it was made, ask what it's about, and allow ourselves to explore our own responses to it creatively...

Art & Design Club

A TWO-HOUR session every Saturday morning in the winter months for teens and adults with a passion for all things art and/or design. Run by, and for, regular members, there are talks and projects, opportunities to share ideas and explore materials, and time to relax and socialise with friends over coffee and cakes. Perfect!

PRICE PER PERSON: €10 (or €50 for 6 sessions)

Creative Workshops

HALF-DAY Creative Workshops are run during the summer season, and are open to all comers. They are especially great as a family activity. 

Each workshop is based on a theme relating to the island, and is designed with all levels of experience and confidence in mind. Over three hours you will be given materials, informative talks, tasks and guidance to help you create something unique inspired by the island.

With a handmade sketch book, refreshments, and the opportunity to make new friends thrown in, it's amazing value!


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