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Frequently-Asked Questions

What's included in the package? You will find full details of our itineraries here         and here       

What isn't included? Prices exclude air fares, transfers to and from Vis island, travel insurance, visa costs, any excursions or vehicle hire you might choose on free days, and anything not listed in the itineraries.

Do I need a visa? Croatia is a member of the European Union. Please check with the Croatian Passport Office, or your own country's foreign ministry, regarding visa requirements.

But I'm not an artist... You don't need any skills or experience in drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. to enjoy what we do, just a willingness to 'have a go' and an open mind as to what you might discover. Sessions are designed to be playful and exploratory, focused on abstract themes such as 'making marks' or 'blue', and we have a house rule that it is impossible to make "bad art" if it's made honestly! We encourage participants to share their thoughts and artworks, but we understand that it might be very personal so there is no obligation to show anything if you don't want to. 

Do I have to do all the activities? No - it is entirely up to you whether you take part in the organised art sessions or excursions. We encourage participants to make their own agenda within the structure of what's on offer, and to follow their personal muse!

Do I need to bring any special equipment? No. Prices includes all the art materials you will need for the set sessions, including an A6 one-day sketchbook for you to fill with drawings, notes, found objects and samples.

Is this suitable for the single traveller? Yes. It's a great way to meet new people, plus the activities help you to explore the island with a special perspective.

What's the best age for this holiday? Unfortunately we can only accept guests aged 18 and over on our residential breaks. However, we do have places for children aged 8+ on our half-day workshops, as long as they are accompanied by a participating adult.

I'm vegetarian/vegan. What's to eat? No problem! We will provide you with plenty of options. You'll find the majority of restaurants offer meat-free dishes, or there are plenty of self-catering opportunities, but if you find that you're struggling we'll be happy to help out.


I'm a meat-eater. What's to eat? There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy meat-based dishes. The two restaurant dinners included in the price will have full menus, plus you will have the choice of dining (at your own expense) on the days when dinner or lunch is not provided by us.

Do you cater for special diets? Yes. One of us is coeliac so we are very aware of the problems that can arise when travelling abroad with special dietary requirements, and will do out utmost to meet your needs if you give us sufficient information and warning. We can source basic special food items on the island, but some things might need to be ordered from the mainland with several weeks' lead time.

Do you have wi-fi? Yes. All areas of the house and terrace are covered.

Do you have animals? Yes. We have two cats, one of which is a household pet. Cats are kept out of guest rooms at all times, and all communal areas are cleaned frequently and thoroughly, but we cannot guarantee the complete absence of pet hairs in the house.

Can I stay for less than one week? Although we will always try to accommodate out-of-the-ordinary requests, preference will be given to guests who book full weeks in accordance with our set itineraries.

What's the weather like? Vis has a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm, sunny summers and mild winters. July and August are the hottest (and busiest) months, with temperatures regularly reaching 30 degree celsius and above, but the weather is generally good for outdoor activities from April through to October.

Do you have air conditioning? Yes, we have air conditioning/heating units in all guest rooms and throughout the house.

Money? The local currency is the euro (€). There are many cash machines, banks and exchange bureaux in Vis town and Komiza. A significant number of restaurants and bars still only accept cash. Prices vary depending on location and establishment, but expect to pay between approximately €2 for a cappuccino, and between €30-€50 per person for a two-course meal with wine.

Is the tap water drinkable? Yes, tap water is generally drinkable throughout Croatia. Signs should tell you when it is not (for example, on trains).

Will I need an adapter? Yes. The local voltage is 220V and adapters must be used. We do provide one double UK/EU adapter in each guest room, but if you need more or a different configuration please bring your own.

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