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OUR Standard Creative Weeks are designed for people of all levels of creative and artistic ability. Although our main focus is on the visual arts and art history, we welcome all creative interests and skills, and encourage guests to interpret suggested tasks and projects in their own unique ways.

Activities are based on themes, usually inspired by the natural world around us (for example, 'water', 'the colour blue', or 'sunshine'), and guests can get involved individually or collaboratively. We put great emphasis on fun and silliness, and treat activities as games, believing that laughter is the key to unlocking creativity. Technical demonstrations and help are given wherever necessary. All activities are optional.


Everyone is given a sketchbook on arrival, which we hope they will use not only for working out ideas during to week, but also as a journal of their stay with us.

LIKE our Standard Creative Week, our Visiting Artist Weeks work on the principle that you become part of an artists' community for seven days, only with the added bonus of having a professional artist, writer, musician, or other, on hand.


We aim to create a place where practice, discussion and socialising meld seamlessly, and create a busy environment of ideas, activity and enjoyment. Although our focus remains on the visual arts, we encourage cross-discipline activities and look at ways in which inspiration can transcend borders of genre.


We invite professionals to join us for a week to share with guests their insights and experiences of the creative process through four scheduled workshop sessions, set themes, and informal socialising. 

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