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'Kitchen-sink' Print Day

We're very excited about our first all-day workshop which combines everything we're passionate about: art, recycling, and cake!


Printing is just brilliant. If you feel a little intimidated by drawing or painting, printing is for you. The 'process' throws in an element of chance between your input and the outcome, so there are always no end of unexpected outcomes. It's one of the easiest ways to get started creatively, and offers no end of surprises to keep you hooked. And once you have the bug, you can save yourself a small fortune by making your own personalised greetings cards, party invitations, or gifts for family and friends.


And this workshop will show you that you don't need expensive materials or specialist equipment to make brilliant art. We will cover four different techniques that use household items and rubbish to produce professional-looking results.  

And we'll sustain you through the day with coffee and cake on arrival, and a delicious picnic during the lunch break. 



10.00: Arrival and introduction over coffee & cake


  • The History of Printing: a brief lecture on the role of printing in the history of art, followed by some 'sketchbook time' to warm up and collect ideas for subject matter  

  • Silhouette Printing: a very simple technique that uses acrylic paint to produce a repeat image 

  • Watercolour Monotypes: produce beautifully textured images with this delightful printing method

  • Polystyrene 'Lino-cut': a chance to experiment with relief and intaglio printing techniques using ordinary packaging materials

13.30-14.00: Picnic lunch​


  • Kitchen Lithography: the trickiest, but most satisfying, 'kitchen-sink' process that uses a bizarre secret ingredient!

15.30: Gallery and debrief​

Price: €50 per person.

Places are limited. Booking is essential.

This workshop will take place on Saturday 1st April, and be repeated on Saturday 15th April.

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