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Calendar of Events

COVID-19: what's different?

All our creative workshops are open to the general public, and can be booked in advance or paid for on the door (if places are available). We have a maximum of four (4)* places per workshop. All teaching is in English.


Suitable for age 8+. Children must be accompanied by an adult also taking part in the workshop.




(*we have halved the usual number of places to allow for safe distancing during the current pandemic)

APRIL 2021

17.04.21: 10-13 hrs

SPRING! - come and create on themes of freshness and renewal

30.04.21: 15-18 hrs

BOATS & FLOATS - drawing, painting and model-making all things nautical

MAY 2021

08.05.21: 10-13 hrs

COLOURS OF VIS - a delve into the meanings and makings of the vibrant colours around us


21.05.21: 15-18 hrs

CATS & DOGS - street animals or pets, they're all around us. We put them centre-stage in this workshop as they become our models and inspiration 

JUNE 2021

05.06.21: 10-13 hrs

ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE BASEMENT- literally! Activities and ideas based on our very own Hellenistic grave, found during refurbishment

18.06.21: 17-20 hrs

SUMMER! - "what we did on our holidays": paint, draw, write, create, explore, discover, learn....

JULY 2021

03.07.21: 10-13 hrs

MAPS - invent new ways to show you in your surroundings

16.07.21: 17-20 hrs

ELEMENTS 1: AIR - truly inspiring! How do you make out art out of 'nothing'?!

31.07.21: 10-13 hrs

ELEMENTS 2: EARTH - looking at what's beneath our feet, what it produces, and all the different meanings and metaphors attached.


13.08.21: 17-20 hrs

ELEMENTS 3: WATER - it's the most precious thing on the island, so here's a workshop that's brimming, flowing, flooded and saturated with ideas

28.08.21: 10-13 hrs

ELEMENTS 4: FIRE - friend or foe? From the damage and destruction of wild fire, to the domestic bliss of the hearth, we investigate creative ideas inspired by fire


10.09.21: 17-20 hrs

MARK-MAKING - leaving a trace: from the earliest art, through to the impact on our planet, human behaviour has  always left its footprint. Come and investigate the countless ways we can interpret the idea of 'making our mark' (in the friendliest of ways towards the environment)


25.09.21: 10-13 hrs

AUTUMN! - the final workshop of the year, looking at the colours and patterns of the harvest season 

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