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We're delighted to be collaborating with Johanna Wiedlack, of Flow Yoga Vis, to bring you two sessions of blissfully relaxing and invigorating yoga each week during the cooler months of the year. Sessions are currently held on Monday evenings, 17.00-18.00, and Wednesday mornings, 9.30-10.30.


The Wednesday morning class is Easy Hatha Flow. Johanna guides us through a yoga practise that puts minimum strain on the wrists, making it ideal for people with problems in that area of the body. There are few or no positions where the hands support weight, but nevertheless the whole body will feel thoroughly strengthened, stretched and relaxed at the end.


Monday evenings are Dynamic Vinyasa Flow. Johanna emphasizes the dynamic exercise sequence (the vinyasas) that let one position flow into the next. These strengthen and stretch at the same time, and allow the musculoskeletal system to regain its balance and express the joy of movement through the dance-like character. The focus is on core strength, energy locks (bandhas), and long gentle breath.


You can find out much more about what Johanna and her partner, Andre Uebele, offer in the way of classes, one-to-one yoga sessions, and theraputic massage via their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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