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INSPIRING workshops, classes and creative retreats on the magical island of Vis, Croatia.... We offer stimulating small-group creative activities for artists, aspiring artists, and people who just want to do something a bit different.

Creativity is the detail that makes everyday life an adventure. We believe that everyone is born creative, but all too often we forget this as we grow up.

Our programme of events is designed to put you back in touch with that creative buzz. You will have the chance to play in a relaxed environment, while making friends, eating well and having fun.

Throughout the summer months we offer regular half-day creative workshops, drawing classes, sketching tours, children's events, and much more. You can book your place in advance or just drop in. We also love doing bespoke events, tailored to your personal interests, timetable or age!

Retreat packages include seven nights' catered accommodation, restaurant dinners, workshops and mentoring in the visual arts and art history, opportunities to follow your own projects, all materials, and scheduled excursions to world-renowned sites (and some hidden gems...)



Art fun inside and outside the VISual Arts studio... we offer a range of activities that are constantly being refined and updated, so you'll never do exactly the same thing twice! Our full programme is available under 'calendar'



We love getting out and about with our sketchbook, and we know that you will too! Discover Vis through your pencil, exploring the popular sights and the hidden gems, and creating something incredibly special as you go. We've got various options on offer, but we're always happy to tailor events to your needs and interests.




Creative workshops are for everyone! They are great for all levels of experience, skill and interest. We provide the materials, tutoring and refreshments: the island provides the inspiration!

VISual arts on VIS

The magical island of Vis has been catering to the needs of body and soul for over 2000 years. Since the 3rd Century BC,  travellers have extolled the virtues of its wonderful isolation, panoramic views, abundant waters and exceptional wines.

Vis sits far into the Adriatic Sea, 60km south-west of Croatia's second city, Split. It is one of the smallest inhabited Dalmatian islands, with only two main settlements: the port of Vis town on the east, and the pretty fishing village of Komiza on the west. 


Its strategic maritime position has furnished Vis with a rich, fascinating story: from the first Syracusan Greek settlers of 4th-Century BCE Issa, via the power struggles of the Venetian Republic and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire, through to the island's role as an Allied airbase in the Second World War, you can find traces of history on every stone. 

Today, Vis and its five small neighbouring islands have been described as "the last paradise oasis of the Mediterranean". In 2019 the Vis Archipelago Geopark was recognised by UNESCO for its significant geological formations and the natural and man-made habitats they support. 

As you might expect on an island, fishing is central to the local economy and culture, and it's reflected in the fabulous range and quality of seafood you'll find on so many menus on the island. As they say, when you're eating fish on Vis you can safely assume it came from 'the garden'!

But wine is king here: it defines the soul of the island. There's even a unique grape variety - bugava/vugava - grown by everyone, from grandfather on the family plot, to the seriously talented young winegrowers helping to put Croatian wines on the map. In fact, when you're here it's almost impossible not to enjoy a glass of domaće vino...

geoglyphs & land art


During the winter months on Vis we offer one-to-one art sessions for children, tapping into their wild creative enthusiasm. These photos are from a recent 'Marks and Materials' activity, where we looked at geoglyphs in prehistoric and indigenous societies, and compared them with the work of contemporary land artists... and then we made our own from found natural materials

creative drawing


Drawing doesn't have to be just about pencils and paper! We've worked with children and adults over the last couple of years to shift perspectives away from pure representation, and towards inventive ways of describing the world around us and our responses to it: with automatic drawing, upside down drawing, drawing lines in space, drawing with wire, and many, many more...




From a recent creative session, on the theme of 'blue' - as a colour, an emotion, or a natural phenomenon. We explored the many varied hues as found on and around the island, and made artworks based on our responses to, and associations with, the shades and tints we recorded in our sketchbooks.


some of the artwork we've done...



Michala, Slovakia

What a wonderful evening we spent in this art haven of Liz and Steven's. Liz is a very encouraging lecturer who lets you find your own way towards art... The setting is very friendly and welcoming, you do not have to worry about feeling out of place. Definitely would would come again 100% and I'm a bit sorry we didn't stay for a longer time so we could visit another theme


Bob, UK

The accommodation was wonderful in a modernised old town house close to the ferry harbour. I think the perfect place for a spring or autumn holiday

Concrete Wall

Francesca, Croatia

I would never consider myself 'artistic' or 'creative' and wouldn't normally attend this kind of workshop, but wow! I can't believe I enjoyed it so much! I even went back a second time!

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